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RTG Credit is one of the accredited professional Moneylenders in Singapore.

The company’s objective in the business is to serve her clients with the utmost honesty and upholding professionalism to our best.

We aim to present first class attitude in our consultation to all our potential clients, to discover their real needs in their loan application and resolving their immediate financial situation. Hence, each client will be received with friendliness and smiles at RTG Credit.

From time to time, we are looking at better serving our existing clients and offering finer choice of services to all new clientele.

With such, our clients can now make application to new loans through our website’s Online Loan Application Form.

Secured loans

Secured loans are loans that provide surety to the lender for the sum of money to be loaned out in the form of collateral

(e.g. Property, Car, Machinery).

In return, the borrower may get more favorable terms like lower interest rates or higher loan amounts.

Our Company’s Vision Statement:


To assist our clients in resolving their immediate financial crisis, so that they can revive their lives in their planned time frame.


To offer REAL financial support to our clients. Your loan with us will be in safe hands.


To analyze client’s actual financial situation and offer candid advises.


October 26th, 2013

It is not everyday a moneylender gets an honest reply to the question “Why do you need the loan for?”

“I need the loan to pay for bills,” as matter-of-factly as it might sound.
“The loan is for personal expenses,” exclaimed an engineer earning $60,000 a year.
“I need the loan to buy text books and new school uniforms for my children,” would sound fairly true from a father.
“My husband is not bringing home money and I need to take loans to pay bills,” sobbed the middle-aged lady across the counter.
But we heard the other side of coin when he told us, “She took the house and kids, and forced me to pay a huge sum every month.”
“My mum just passed away and I need the loan to hold the funeral for her,” was almost telling me I would be condemned to the bottomest of hell’s pit, if I did not approve the loan application.

A few months ago I had Honest Frank (as we nicknamed him) stepped into our office and impressed us with the most unique and straightforward reply, “My wife will be away, and I need a loan to bring my girlfriend to Batam over the weekend.”
My first date taught me with 5 good reasons in my face why I should not be too honest about myself in the later phase of my life.
I had him repeated twice before I proceeded with his loan application.

Months later, he went missing. Wife called telling us she is filing for divorce against Honest Frank and she is not paying for his debts. My bank transactions in the past 6 months flashed across my mind like a lingering fart in an elevator.

[NB: All characters and tales are fictional and made up, till I tell you are true stories.]

Memoir of a Moneylender

October 25th, 2013

“Daddy, I want to grow up just like you. I want to be a moneylender.”
Almost every night after I made my routine rounds on my defaulted debtors I would have the same nightmare. A beautiful wife with the most voluptuous body, with the face blurred out, carrying my cute offspring with an unnoticed gender affectionately exclaiming his or her admiration towards me and to grow up just like me.

My dad had slogged through 2 jobs to brought me and my sister up, with me willfully quitting school before school could quit on me and got enlisted into the army to fight imaginary enemies for the country, all because I wanted to prove to a girl that I was a man. I was so so wrong.
I had wanted to be a pilot, till my eyesight fell victim to the invention of PC games. I had wanted to be a policeman like Jacky Chan could swing himself down from 5th floor down a canvas, but hope was dashed in a cast at 8 years old. I wanted to be a teacher, a banker, a cook (chef to be precise), but graduating from school prematurely just wouldn’t count strongly on the CV thereafter.

Eventually through the eventual events, money lending was a godsend when all seemed bleak. What could be worse than sitting back and watch money grow money? I was (again) so so wrong.
I had my first diagnosis of high blood pressure 6 months into the job. The first debtor went missing, I almost peed in my pants – WHERE IS MY MONEY? That had came to replace the simple “Hello” when I answer a phone call these days. Call it one of the job hazards.

She was sitting across the table in my office, wiping off her tears from the weeping of her sorrow minutes ago on how ill-treated she was by her son and husband and that she badly needed the loan. I approved her loan application.
“I cut open a hole with a scissors for him lor.” I answered matter-of-factly watching her count her money.

Patience, is something that I never thought I would encompassed as part of my name. I was able to people-watch with tolerance, help the less fortunate with more compassion, take a step back at times to watch the world go by without flaring up like a bulky Alien monster in an Ultraman movie and eventually get its butt kicked. World Peace.

If given a choice, would I be a moneylender? Who in the right mind would? But when the same question with my debtors arises, I would just take the best job available on the tray. Wouldn’t I?