R2D Credit Singapore Money Lender

Credit is a Legal Licensed Moneylender in Singapore. We are certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, fast and dynamic. We have experience being a co-operate financier for real estate and any kinds of business financing and personal loans. We provide excellent services to assist you in all your financial needs.

As a licensed Moneylender that specializes in Singapore, we leverage our deep understanding of Singapore, local culture and insights to serve and build lasting relationships with our clients.

We provide a full range of comprehensive loans from personal, corporate, business to property bridging loan to our clients all over Singapore. We are committed to expand our company by more media exposure and build a high performance company renowned for its good customer service and innovative loans solutions.

With one of the largest moneylender network in Singapore, our philosophy is to deliver value at affordable cost to cover customer’s needs through their lives.

Personal Loan from R2D Credit

personal loans Singapore happyThere are two major types of personal loans – unsecured and secured personal loans.  The most popular personal loans are those that are the short-term unsecured personal loans.  These personal loans are relatively easy to obtain.  The short-term personal loans are best used for emergency funds.  If all of a sudden you need money and do not have any savings, you may need a personal loan.  The personal loans can be used to cover a small and unforeseen expense.

Whether you have an unexpected expense, or looking for a vacation getaway, urgent items, holiday shopping, or simply need a little extra cash, R2D Credit is just around the corner waiting to assist you.  With personal loans ranging from S$300.00 to S$10,000.00, R2D Credit has the solution to your financial needs.  The approved personal loan amount is subjected to your remuneration and length of duration working in your company.

At R2D Credit, we seek alternatives that can often make your life easier.  The personal loan process start with the personal attention you deserve and the cash solutions you need.  The process is simple, and the response is fast.  Our representatives are ready to assist your personal loan request with convenient payment amounts, terms and options.  Don’t delay, call or visit us today.  R2D Credit makes obtaining a personal loan in Singapore fast and easy, as we believe in efficiency, approval time is between 1 to 2 hours.

Home Loan by R2d Credit

Many people find the idea of buying one home while selling another to be a complete nightmare.  What happens if your old home doesn’t sell in time? What happens if you sell your own home too soon and you haven’t found a new one to buy yet?

Bridging Home Loans can simplify the transition between buying and selling properties.  Bridging Loans are gaining in popularity.  A Bridging Home Loan can offer you the simplicity of moving into your new home while your old home is still waiting for a buyer to snap it up.

At R2D Credit, we can extend a bridging home loan to you while you are still in the process of selling your HDB flat or private property, up to the maximum loan period of 7 months.  During the tenure of the loan, you can choose to only service the repayment of the principal amount plus interest once you receive the cash proceeds from the sale of your existing property.  With our Bridging Home Loans, now you have time to try and sell your old home while you can moved in and begun enjoying your new place without the hassles of missing settlement dates.

Business Loan by R2D Credit

Did you know that the average business owner has a net worth about five times that of the average employee?  Therefore, you are making the right choice starting your own business.  However, this may not be an easy road to travel; overcoming a variety of obstacles, one of the largest is the maintenance of your business’ financial health.  One of the considerations in starting your own business is the decision to self finance, to establish a successful business, it is crucial to attain sufficient capital, appropriate office space and fund basic expenses to maximize your business potential.

At R2D Credit, we know how important capital is to any business.  That is why we make it easy to obtain business loan to help your business grow.  Capital is important for several reasons but none more than: “It takes money to make money”.  This is especially true when it comes to small businesses.  We can assist you in attaining the appropriate business loan required to make you and your business successful.

Fees and Charges

No Administration Fee
There is no administration fee charged for processing your loan application.

Interest Calculation
Interest Charged based on simple flat % interest calculation.

Late Payment Fee
A late payment penalty fee of minimum S$150.00* shall be applicable for each late payment.
*late penalty fee varies on loan amount and type of loan.

Bounced Cheque Fee
If you tender a cheque as payment which is dishonored, handling fee of $50.00 will be charged for return/dishonored cheque.

Default Payment
All Legal fees and any others expenses incurred to recover the loan amount, interest, late fees and any other charges as stated in our loan agreement will be fully borne by the Borrower and/or the Surety.