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Require extra money for the month?

Ask Powerloans about their loans for individuals! Faster disbursement, quicker approval! You can be on your way to solving your money problems with their temporary loan solutions.

Hassle free Enrolment

Expedite your loan application by sending us an enquiry via the use of the loan application form on the right of this page, your information is kept strictly confidential at all times, they never sell, trade or give out your data.
If you are a Foreigner, you can apply!

Foreigners can take up loans with us, being in a country unfamiliar to you, and with rising living cost, you may find it hard to adapt to Singapore. They can help with any financial problem foreigners face. Simply ask us today.

Powerloans Credit (S) is a fully legalised Moneylender in Singapore, under government of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and IPTO. Their loans given are secure and safe, completely legal as well as a breeze to apply for and receive. They always do their best to listen to your precise borrowing requirement, and practice fair and equal treatment to all their borrowers, regardless of loan size or borrowers profile. Kindly take your time to check through mode details about Powerloans to find all offerings on personal, payday and foreigner loan facilities. How are they different?
– No rubber interests! Interest rates do not fluctuate from month to month
– Repayments are small and customisable, so that you do not have difficulty repaying
– Quicker loan approval and disbursal
– Trusted by 1000’s of lenders

Honest Personal Loan Singapore

If you are working in Singapore, and making a living in this country, then you must have faced a problem in paying the bills for daily use which is something very common in Singapore. This condition makes the situation worse, and people are left clueless about where to get money. This is where our company plays a major role in providing the best customizable personal loan to take care of your daily needs. If you are short of cash, and waiting for your next salary, then personal loan will always help you in getting what you need to survive.

Let me introduce you to our most popular personal loan, which makes sure that you can get small to mid-size loan for yourself. They are having various loan packages, which makes sure that you will get the best personal loan for yourself.

What makes Powerloans the best in providing personal loan?

If you are opting for a loan from us, then they can assure you that the process of getting a personal loan is very easy, and it doesn’t take much time. You just have to fill a simple application and the other details. Within an hour, your application will be processed, and you shall expect the payment within a short period. They make sure that every customer gets treated in the same way in case of borrowing money from our esteemed organization. They are different from our competitors because they understand that your money is valuable, and you time is too. So, they make sure that everything gets processed very quickly.

It is simple to apply for a loan
1. They will disburse the loan within the same hour.
2. Transparency is the main thing. They make sure that all the terms and conditions made known to the borrower.
3. They never discriminate, so we are fair to everyone.
4. There are no hidden terms and conditions.

Best Foreigner Loan in Singapore

I am from a foreign country. How should I apply for this loan?

At our company, they make sure that everything is pretty simple. Our application process is very simple, and they are also providing an online form, which can found on the website. Just fill it up, and this will speed up the process. You can also choose to come to our office and meet us personally for the loan and our consultants will be there. They are having bunch of experienced consultants, who are specializing in this kind of deals.

What makes our company the best for providing foreign loan?
1. Our payment scheme is highly flexible.
2. Our interest rates are pretty low and affordable too.
3. They are able to customize our loan packages.
4. They provide various ways to repay the loans.

Am I eligible for the loan?
1. Your age range should be from 21 to 55.
2. You must be a full-time employee.
3. You should have a valid and working Singapore visa.

Licensed Moneylender Offering Legal Loans

Advance Cash Credit is a licensed money lender, commissioned by the government of Singapore. Our loans offered provide our borrowers with a broad range of choices, from personal loans, payday loans, small business loans to loans for foreigners. Yes, even a foreigner can take up a loan with ease with Advance Cash Credit! They manage to do this via a fine balance of great service, swift loan disbursement and a keen listening ear.

Time and again, they have aided borrowers who face financial difficulties and require funds quickly. At times, unfortunately, these borrowers can be placed in an inconvenient situation where they are unable to obtain a loan from the banks, in these cases, our money lending facilities are their next best choice. Your comfort in dealing with us is in the fact that they are fully licensed to operate, furthermore Advance Cash Credit complies by the Singapore Government’s Moneylenders Act, put in place to protect borrowers like yourself.

Whether you require a short-term personal loan or longer term financing, they can customise a flexible solution for our borrowers. This places Advance Cash Credit leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors. Our terms of loan and application process are easy to understand, even for the layman. For your reference, here is our business details:
License Number: 140/2014

Why Borrow from Powerloans Credits?

At Powerloans Cash Credit, they place the most priority in customer service and satisfaction, regardless of the loan amount or profile. They are one of the leading money lenders in Singapore, having customers who turn into recurring customers, after having had a pleasant borrowing experience.

Our loan consultants are at your service, to guide your through the entire easy borrowing process, they will be able to select the ideal loan package that will match your borrowing capabilities. Approach us today for a non-obligatory free consultation to start!

Here are some reasons customers choose to borrow with us:

  • Quick loan approval, often within 60 minutes
  • Interest rates that flatten our competitoon
  • Loans for the low income or bad credit customers
  • Customisable and versatile repayment plan
  • They serve foreigner loans as well


Q. How will I get notified about my loan approval?
A. Once your paperwork is completed. They will give you a call, or send a text SMS, or they will notify you via electronic mail. Next up, they will provide a date and time for meeting, and you can come to collect the cash at that particular time.

Q. I work at late hours, and I may not be available to come to your office for filling the form? Is there any solution for that?
A. Yes, there is a solution, you can just call us and one of our consultants will get back to you. You can decide a meeting place and time with our consultant and all the procedure will be followed.

Q. my loan got cancelled recently. May I know the reason?
A. They actually do an internal audit about the person, and they are having the right to disapprove any loan without disclosing the reasons for doing so.

Q. If I am not having the perfect credit rating, then am I eligible for a loan?
A. Yes, if you are not having a perfect credit rating, then also you can get a loan from our company.

Q. I already have a loan from your company, Am I eligible for a second loan?
A. Yes, if you are already taken a loan from any company, then according to the laws of Singapore, you can take up a maximum amount combined from all money lenders.

Q. After a certain period of time, when my time comes to pay back the loan, then what mode shall I prefer to do so?
A. well, you can easily pay by cash, or you can initiate a GIRO account for doing the same. They also provide direct bank transfer facilities for your convenience.
They invite all the foreigners who are in need of some extra cash, to get things moving. They are providing the easiest way to understand and the most flexible foreigners loan without any hassle. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Singapore for a holiday, or if you are working in a Singapore company. If you are really in need of money, then we will provide you all the help you need from us. Just apply for the loan and get it approved within few hours.

Client Testimonials

They have collated feedback from very satisfied clients and this is what they had to say about Advance Cash Credit:

“strong and solid lender. no nonsence…”

Hu Jiao, 36

“needed a loan for CNY have not tried moneylenders until i met Charles their loan guy he is good should look for him..”

Sholka, 27

“staff really listen to my need, recommended correct loan for me, overall pleased.”

Fabian, 30

“had super urgent things to settle, needed a moneylender that could give me a chance glad to say i took it and paid it off, would definitely borrow from them again.”

Coco, 26

“The process is straightforward, just go down within 1 hour got my cash.”

Dennis, 36

“reliable profile, i trust them ”

Inriani, 42

Author: Zeena

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