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Goldstar Credits provide free consultation to our valuable loan applicants on their repayment schemes, interest and also any financial advice that they may require on any loan issues.
We specialized In Personal Loans, Payday Loans and Business Loans for individuals.
Walk into our office today and you can receive cash in as fast as 20 Minutes! (Terms and Conditions apply)

Personal Loans are customizable to meet your financial situation and available repayment options.
Only a 20 Minutes Credit Check (For Walk In Customers) before approval in principal! (with supporting documents)
Many Singaporeans, foreign workers and expatriates have managed to get their personal loans from us successfully. Your satisfaction is one of our key concerns.

You personal loan amounts can vary to meet your requirements. We are ready to listen to your concerns and needs before you apply for any personal loans.

Personal Loans Made Easy In Just 1-2-3!

1) Contact Our Friendly Loan Officers:
Our friendly loan officers are ready to answer any questions that you have. We will ensure that you are clear about what is required, this creates smooth faciliation to let you get your personal loan in a much faster time. There is a probability that we are able to give you a personal loan in as fast as 20 minutes if you provide supporting documents when you walk into our office.
Do contact us if you have any questions and we will get back to you usually between 15 mins – 24 hours if you enquire during a working day. .

Note: Although it is rare, there is a slim chance that we might miss your call. If you can’t get through to us by phone, we appreciate your patience and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There are days where even though we have a team of people handling calls on personal loans, we are still overwhelmed by the numbers of queries that we need to cater to. Please remember that to us, You are Important!

2) Apply for a Personal Loan:
Let us help you meet your needs. You can click here to apply for personal loans.
If your online application is approved (usually you will know within 24 hours), we would need you to head over to our office and bring along the following documents:
If you’re employed: 1) Payslip 2) CPF Statement
If you’re self-employed: 1) Income Tax Statement 2) Business Profile

3) Get Your Personal Loan
Congratulation! If you have successfully received your personal loan, please remember to note down the repayment dates. Even though we have a flexible repayment plan it is important to pay your repayments on time to prevent additional charges.

Pay Day Loans

Pay Day Loans are specific to your occupation, salary and the day your salary gets credited into your account. You never have to worry about meeting the repayment schedule with a pay day loan where everything is automated and the installment amount is only collected when you have the finances to pay for it.

20 Minutes Credit Check (For Walk In Customers) before approval in principal! (With Supporting Documents)

Apply for a Pay Day Loan now! Find out how convenient it can be.

Some Common Questions About Pay Day Loans

What are Pay Day Loans?

Wikipedia define pay day loans like this:

“A payday loan (also called a paycheck advance) is a small, short-term loan that is intended to cover a borrower’s expenses until his or her next payday. The loans are also sometimes referred to as cash advances, though that term can also refer to cash provided against a prearranged line of credit such as a credit card.”


Who Should Get A Pay Day Loan?

As the name “Pay Day Loan” suggested, it is a loan given to people that are currently employed and receiving and income. Pay day loans are not suitable for individuals that do not have a fixed income. Although in some cases it is possible to get cash advances through a pay day loan to freelancers, the cases are rare and are evaluated on a case by case basis. Personal loans might be more suitable for such individuals

How Can I Apply For Pay Day Loans?

Application for Pay Day Loans varies between legal money lenders in Singapore. For Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd, the very first step you can do is to contact us or to fill in our online application form when you apply for a loan through our website. We will typically respond to you within the same working day and guide you on the next step or to answer any questions that you might have with regards to payday loans.

Do I Need To Be A Singaporean To Get A Payday Loan?

Gold Star Credit Pte Ltd specialized in Personal Loans and PayDay Loans for people residing in Singapore. If you are a foreginer and wish to get a loan, it would be best if you contact our friendly loan officers.

If You Still Want To Find Out More Information About Pay Day Loans…

You can always read more about the basic facts about payday loans through our “Information on Loans” page. You may consider searching through the different search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But the simplest way to find out good information regarding the best ways to get your pay day loans would be to call us directly.

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